Happy Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

We Will Not Be Silent - #Asians4BlackLives MWSM marching in MN Rise Up & #ShutItDown with Baltimore

We Will Not Be Silent – #Asians4BlackLives
MWSM marching in MN Rise Up & #ShutItDown with Baltimore


In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month this May 2015, we present the sequel of our narrative series called Critical Reflections of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the Midwest. Since our Raising UP the Hmong LGBTQQI Narratives launched in 2013, we’ve gotten over 16,000 views and 7,832 visitors from over 100 countries. We’ve also received many emails from readers who appreciate Hmong LGBTQQI people sharing their narratives about real life experiences, thoughts, family conversations and situations relating to Hmong and American cultures, and examples of important life changes and decisions made.

In this Critical Reflections of AAPI narrative series, we have collected a wide range of stories from diverse experiences to continue supporting and fostering the growth of AAPI Narratives in America, while at the same time, serve a purpose to counter the stereotypes, generalizations, and mis-education of AAPI communities told by mainstream.

We will be launching the first narrative later on this afternoon so be sure to subscribe to our blog, tweet us @mwsmovement, reblog us on Tumblr or LIKE us on Facebook to get updates on when each narratives are posted throughout May 2015!

Celebrate May Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month by contributing your narrative to be part of AAPI Midwest Narrative Series. We are still accepting submissions so if you identify as AAPI, currently or have lived in the Midwest and want to contribute a narrative, please email all questions to Linda – linda@mwsmovement.com

Saturday, May 19, 2012 – National API HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Greetings from the Margins! On Saturday, May 19, 2012, MWSM was invited to come speak at the National API HIV/AIDS Awareness Day event at Neighborhood House in South St. Paul, MN. MWSM’s collective member, Chong V., took on the role of speaking about his experiences as a Gay Asian American male with experiences of STDs and HIV/AIDS in the Gay and Bisexual MSM (Men Who Have Sex with Men) community.


(Left to Right) Dee L., Danny K., & Chong V.

Chong gave such a heartfelt story highlighting his experiences of being a Model Minority discovering his sexuality, and how the two identities clashed with one another leading to his experiences of STDs and HIV/AIDS in the MSM community.

Furthermore, we were excited to see young participants coming in and wanting to learn more about how to prevent the increase of HIV/AIDS in their own communities; and getting tested to educate themselves on their HIV status. Hopefully, the National API HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is not just an event designated to one day, but a routine every API individual will incorporate into their daily lives.