End Violence

Early Sunday morning of June 9th, Vone Moua, owner of Malina’ sports bar, was shot and killed inside his own bar and two others were injured.

What upset me the most is that no one deserve to have there lives be taken away, especially over a game of pool. Which also brings up another very important issues that we need to come together to end violence in our community.

Vone Moua, was a good man, he always had a smile on and have always opened his door for anyone. When you had a bad day, was feeling lonely, needed someone to talk to or a place to just enjoy the company of friends. Either if it was a Monday, Tuesday or Sunday, he was there and always welcomed you.

It wasn’t just a bar, it was the owners, the regulars that somehow becomes another family to you and especially a place that made you feel like you was at home. When you could just stop by for 30 mins just to say “Hi” and talk to his wife or a friend that was there, to cry and take a shot or two, to celebrate happy times, to eat Hmong food at 1 in the morning, to sit and have a cup of water when you were in a sports bar, or to just come sing the night away. Cause over there no one judged you, you came as you. Overall, it wasn’t just a place for me, but for the whole community.


Candle light vigil for Vone Moua and pray to end violence in the community.

R.I.P my friend, you have changed our lives and it will never be the same. Thoughts and prayers goes out to you and your family.

-Mdy Yang

At the Capital Rally For Marriage Equality for Minnesota.

It was an incredible experience to be at the Capital this past Thursday on May 9 to support and stand up for Marriage Equality.

The Minnesota House of Representatives voted 75-59 to extend the freedom to marry to same-sex couple!!!

We’re almost there Minnesota but were not just done yet. We now must do everything to get our Senators to vote Yes on Monday!




Another WONDERFUL DAY at MN UNITED – VOTE “NO” on the Marriage Amendment!

Over the weeks we will need over 500+ volunteers coming through the doors to help us really defeat this horrible [anti]marriage amendment! These are the folks who are ensuring that we keep our numbers up by making this defeat of the [anti]marriage amendment their own priority. 

These folks are the reason why we are truly going to defeat the marriage amendment.