Volunteer Recruitment Volunteers at Mankato Pridefest!




On Saturday, September 8, 2012, Chong took a group of folks from the Twin-Cities and met up with another group of folks from Mankato, MN to join in on the fight against this horrible [anti] marriage amendment. There were 14 Queer/Ally People of Color, who single-handedly recruited over 75 shifts during the Mankato Pridefest all together–many of whom, had never done an in-person volunteer recruitment before in their experience. 

Kudos to all the folks that came out and made this possible! We are really going to defeat this hateful amendment because of each and every one of you folks. Thank you!

Southeast Asian Americans Organizing Against the Marriage Amendment

Woah! This is probably the most Southeast Asian Americans (and Asian Americans) that Minnesotans United for All Families have seen so far organizing against the Marriage Amendment. Our nights include creative phone-calls and door-knocks to talk to persuadable voters who are conflicted by the Marriage Amendment issue.

I’m so proud of all these emerging leaders and activists in the Southeast Asian American community!


Hmong Americans VOTE NO on Marriage Amendment Campaign

In May of 2011, the Minnesota House of Representatives passed an amendment that would limit the freedom to marry between lesbian and gay couples.

We, MidWest Solidarity Movement, believe that marriage should be open to any consenting adults regardless of their sex, sexuality, and gender. We are calling on our family, friends, and community to stand up and “VOTE NO” with us on the Marriage Amendment that will be on the election ballot this year on November 6, 2012. If you vote YES on the Marriage Amendment, that is a vote against our well-being as your family member, friend, and as part of your community.

The Marriage Amendment limits our freedom and ability to define for ourselves what our families look like. This is not just a personal issue; it is a harmful and backward political move to limit the human rights of our community members. We, as a community of Hmong Minnesotans, should reject regressive politics by standing together and working to protect all of our rights to move our community forward. Therefore, the only way to move forward away from discrimination and hate is to stand up with us and VOTE NO on the Marriage Amendment on November 6, 2012.






HAP Opposes Two State Amendments

HAP Opposes Two State Amendments

MWSMovement is organizing on three campaigns this 2012 election to: re-elect President Obama, defeat the discriminating Marriage Amendment, and Voter ID suppression.

Last week, MWSMovement sent a letter to Hmong American Partnership’s Executive Board to express and inform them of the need to oppose the hurtful, and discriminating Marriage Amendment that will dis-empower the community they are serving and/or have been part of staff for the past 23 years. HAP has made a decision to oppose the Marriage Amendment.

The Marriage Amendment is to be voted on this November 6, 2012, so Minnesotan voters, make sure you are registered to vote by stopping in at Minnesotans United for All Families and speak to one of our MWSMovement member, Chong Vang, who is currently a staff Field Organizer for MN United.