Hmong Americans VOTE NO on Marriage Amendment Campaign

In May of 2011, the Minnesota House of Representatives passed an amendment that would limit the freedom to marry between lesbian and gay couples.

We, MidWest Solidarity Movement, believe that marriage should be open to any consenting adults regardless of their sex, sexuality, and gender. We are calling on our family, friends, and community to stand up and “VOTE NO” with us on the Marriage Amendment that will be on the election ballot this year on November 6, 2012. If you vote YES on the Marriage Amendment, that is a vote against our well-being as your family member, friend, and as part of your community.

The Marriage Amendment limits our freedom and ability to define for ourselves what our families look like. This is not just a personal issue; it is a harmful and backward political move to limit the human rights of our community members. We, as a community of Hmong Minnesotans, should reject regressive politics by standing together and working to protect all of our rights to move our community forward. Therefore, the only way to move forward away from discrimination and hate is to stand up with us and VOTE NO on the Marriage Amendment on November 6, 2012.






One response to “Hmong Americans VOTE NO on Marriage Amendment Campaign

  1. If all of the young Hmong American in Minnesota STAND together, the new generation can be the SWING VOTERS in this important election!

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