HAP Opposes Two State Amendments

HAP Opposes Two State Amendments

MWSMovement is organizing on three campaigns this 2012 election to: re-elect President Obama, defeat the discriminating Marriage Amendment, and Voter ID suppression.

Last week, MWSMovement sent a letter to Hmong American Partnership’s Executive Board to express and inform them of the need to oppose the hurtful, and discriminating Marriage Amendment that will dis-empower the community they are serving and/or have been part of staff for the past 23 years. HAP has made a decision to oppose the Marriage Amendment.

The Marriage Amendment is to be voted on this November 6, 2012, so Minnesotan voters, make sure you are registered to vote by stopping in at Minnesotans United for All Families and speak to one of our MWSMovement member, Chong Vang, who is currently a staff Field Organizer for MN United.

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