Raising UP Marina’s OUT, Proud & Unashamed Narrative



Story #6

Marina Vang is 22 years old and currently residing in Minnesota. She identifies as Lesbian and she is a Shamanist.

I always felt attracted to girls ever since I was around the age of 14 years old. But I never had any affection in liking them until I was a freshman. At that time, I could remember that I felt happy liking them for who they were and that they also liked the as me. It was a feeling that made me felt good. I am out to anyone and everyone about my sexual orientation. I don’t feel ashamed of my sexual orientation and where I am in my life.

When I think of the Hmong community, I feel that it depends who the person is and how they understand LGBTQQI. Some people are against it and some are accepts it. Overall, I feel that at times the Hmong community is okay about people being LGBTQQI but for the most part, a lot of older Hmong people are still against it. But then again it all depends on who understands and who doesn’t cause day by day, people change and the world change along with culture beliefs.



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