Southeast Asian Queers Rally & March at the MN Capitol Against Monsanto!


Today, not only did we join over 1,000 local activists and organizers in St. Paul, Mn in the social movement to ban GMO products from our food system, but we also raised consciousness around the impact that Monsanto has had on our Southeast Asian American community. Monsanto was 1 of 6 manufactures of Agent Orange, a herbicide-chemical warfare that was ordered by the US government and used by the US military during the war in Vietnam in the early 1970’s. Agent Orange was used to kill the “enemy,” but ended up killing and leaving innocent people as survivors, whom are our Southeast Asian grandparents, parents and families. It also destroyed parts of the Southeast Asian land and countries.

When corporate like Monsanto patents “intellectual property” of seeds/food in which controls how and what farmers should grow on their own farms, and eliminates our human right to know and grow our own food… we need to Occupy Monsanto NOW! Monsanto and many corporations are, Profit Over People which causes famine, poverty, and cultural and food genocide.

Say “HELL NO” to GMO!  Let us take action to ensure that our current food and farm system is sustainable to support the lives of our future children and their grandchildren. Connect with us if you want to head to the next gathering together:

Get informed and involved here —> March Against Monsanto Minnesota and Occupy Monsanto






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