Txuj Ci Showcase Pictures!

We want to acknowledge and thank the GLBT Programs Office and the Asian Sorority Interest Group at University of Minnesota, the performers, volunteers, and the 168+ participants! This year at the showcase, we had two fashion shows, live visual art, Qeej: Hmong instrument, a traditional Cambodian instrument, a drag show, spoken word artists and singing performances. We had delicious vegetarian and glucose free options food options. We hope to collaborate with the Txuj Ci Showcase in the future! All photos were taken by Maysa Vang.

First Round of MCs: Linda Her & Mindy Yang

Xay Yang, GLBT Programs Office at the University of Minnesota

Ashaley Yang and her beautiful models

Sina Yi‘s stunning models

Second Round of MCs: Fue Khang & Kong Pha

Spoken Word by Tou Saiko Lee

An amazing performance by Gaosong Vang

(left to right) Blong Yang, Candidate for Hennepin County Commissioner, Mindy Yang, Linda Her, & Dee Lee

Traditional Cambodian instrument by Sina Yi

Drag Show by Chann Kong

Hmong Instrument Qeej by Pa-Shie Vang (photo) & Mai Pa Chang

Lovely Visual Art by Brenda Khothsombath

The Beautiful Audience

Marriage Amendment piece by MWSM (left to right): Dee Lee, Chong Vang, Linda Her & Mindy Yang

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