Save the Date May 2, 2012: 3rd & Final Txuj Ci Showcase

A Night of Local Queer Asian American & Ally Artists
Unlimited Edition
Wed, May 2, 6:00-9:00 PM
Coffman Union Whole Music Club

Txuj Ci Showcase was originally a night where Hmong LGBTQ and their allies came together to showcase their talents and to build community and space together.

This year, we have intentionally open it up to the Asian American LGBTQ and their allies for a more inclusive community. Meanwhile still being able to include the Hmong LGBTQ community, hence it is the UNLIMITED EDITION.

The first Txuj Ci Showcase in 2010 included over 120 participants and we grew to 175 participants at the 2nd Annual Showcase in 2011. This year, as we plan for our 3rd and final Txuj Ci Showcase at the University of Minnesota, we hope to see an even bigger crowd of participants and performers. Previous performances include singers, traditional Hmong dancers, modern dancers, drag singers, Qeej instrument performances, fashion designers and show, as well as spoken word artists and visual artists.

We are excited to host another Txuj Ci Showcase and look forward to seeing fresh talents and fresh faces this year! Please join us for a night of amazing art, performances, and delicious food! This is a collaborative effort between the GLBTA Programs Office and Midwest Solidarity Movement and cosponsorship from the Asian Sorority Interest Group. For more information, please contact

Performances, Live Art, Visual Pieces and Fashion Show By:
Kevin Thao
Ka Lia Yang
Tou Saiko Lee
Hmong Her
Brenda Kothsombath
Sina Yi
Dee Lee
Shay Hicks and Tivon Yang
Rebecca “Rebel” Song
Ongers Her
Ashaley Yang
MidWest Solidarity Movement

Fue Khang and Kong Pha
Mdy Yang and Linda Hawj

Maysa Vang
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One response to “Save the Date May 2, 2012: 3rd & Final Txuj Ci Showcase

  1. Qhia koj ua kwv paub tej yam koj sau ntawd, Hmoob los xub nyob ua ntej thaib nyob lawm, Hais txog sab qaum teb no, Hmoob nyob thaum tsis tau muaj neeg nyob los lawm, Qhia koj ua kwv mus tshawb daim Map qub qub thaum lawd tseem kos tus duab neeg rau los saib koj thiaj paub tias hmoob los thaib leej twg xub nyob, Lub caij ntawd cov Map kuv hais no, Yog thaj chaw twg haiv neej twg nyob lawd yuav tsum ua tus duab haiv neeg ntawd rau ntawm daim Map kiagVam tias koj ua kwv yuav to tau li kuv hais noUa tsaug qhov koj xav paub txog hmoob lub neej

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